Stages of the commissioning process

Concept design

This is the initial stage where broad concepts are discussed, options are explored and a rough costing estimate can be given. Detailed designs are not prepared at this stage, and the estimate is based on a 'ballpark' figure.
Client's ideas often are fluid at this point and the estimate may move up or down, as complexity of design is either increased or decreased

Detailed design stage

Once ideas are firmed up and there is agreement to proceed, detailed designs can be drawn up. This involves significant work, therefore a 7% design fee becomes payable. This figure is a part of the estimate and not an additional cost. It therefore becomes absorbed in the total cost on completion, however is non-returnable should the detailed plans be drawn up and the clients choose not to proceed. The detailed design stage may involve considerable design evolution, and I like to involve the client as much as possible at this stage. It is my view that in a commission, I am creating 'your furniture', not 'my furniture for you', it is vital therefore that all clients have input and feel totally happy with the design before it is finalised.

Agreement and scheduling

At the end of the detailed design stage agreement is reached on the final design, and a clear work schedule is agreed. I take deadlines seriously, and it would be only in an extreme situation where the scheduling is amended. Minor alterations to the design can normally be accommodated at this stage, however substantive changes will incur further cost. Materials are usually bought at this stage therefore a 40% deposit is payable.


Clients vary in how much they like to see their piece in construction, some are very interested, and some find it difficult to envisage how these hairy planks of wood can be formed into their beloved vision. I am happy to accommodate several visits or indeed none as might be desired! The balance of the account is due on completion of the project. Delivery costs (if any) are additional.

After sale

It is my wish that you enjoy the piece long into the future, and endlessly want to brag to your friends about it, and the wonderful experience you had commissioning it. I am therefore, happy to answer future questions about care of the piece, further work is by negotiation.

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